NOTE:  We are not currently accepting new vendors

Gather Phx is all about celebrating the creativity flowing from the desert and beyond.  We value sustainability, ethical, and inclusive artists, designers, herbalists, social do-gooders, and makers creating in Arizona and celebrate them in community at The Churchill.  We believe in the power of mindful retail and the magic that exists in sharing our gifts with one another to heal, to celebrate, to honor, and to reclaim.

If you're a local creative interested in stocking your magic in our shop, keep reading to see if there is alignment; then, apply to be a vendor.

After filling out the application, we request two samples of each intended inventory to test before we onboard a new brand. Samples will not be returned to the brand, regardless of whether or not the brand is taken on as a vendor. Why is a reasonable question -- and it's because we need to test out all of your products before we put them on our shelves and on our website for you. We have anchored deeply into our values and want to ensure the integrity of the products we share with customers is the absolute best of what's is out there. Because of this, our team tests everything.

If you have questions, please reach out. We love to provide feedback on how incredible brands can improve and align with us so we can grow together.

If you're new to selling your work here are some helpful tips

We pay out 40% of the sale to the artist. This accounts for the expenses for the space and resources to sell your inventory. Please consider your prices given our vendor relations.  Simply pricing structure is best - keep it clear + simple for the customer. 

Keep us stocked and stay invested in what is selling. Please bring no less than 5, but we'd prefer 10 items or more. 

Remember your inventory list each time you restock us.  If something won't work in our shop we will simply cross it off your inventory list when you come.

Stockist / Vendor Intention Contract

1. All artists acknowledge that their products are cruelty-free and aligns with the criteria of 'mindful' as identified above. We're a relaxed shop and do our best to remain that, creating an open, collaborative, and creative environment for our vendors to explore themselves and their work.  

2. When an artist first comes on board, they agree to consign with Gather Phx  for a minimum of 30 days. At the end of 30 days, Gather Phx reserves the right to either a) keep the artist’s unsold merchandise on consignment or b) return any unsold merchandise to the artist. 
3. Payments will be made available to the artist anytime between the 1st and 20th of each month. We welcome the opportunity to see you and appreciate your involvement. (new update: you will receive a list of what sold during the month along with your payment).

4. The right to remove an artists work can be made at any time for whatever reason.  Artists may remove artwork with a one week notice to Gather Phx and a scheduled pick up time (not during the weekend). 

5. Please ensure you have insurance as Gather Phx is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged product.
6. You as the artist agree to keep Gather Phx supplied with artwork. Gather Phx takes pride in the local creatives and does its best to promote, display, and feature all art and artisans. Please take pride in the way your work is creatively displayed as we value this as a relaxed space of inclusion + collaboration.