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Everywhere, and in my heart

Hannah Alley

Everywhere, and in my heart


Everywhere, and in my heart by Hannah Alley weaves us into the thread that connects us to life, death, and everything in between. This poetry workbook tells a story of infinite love from the perspective of a young child and can be used as a tool for parents and children to intentionally connect with their grief in reverence for the rhythm of nature. It's a story that invites us to step outside and inside ourselves + honor nature as the bridge to deep healing + transformation.

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Meet the Maker - Ceci

Ceci from Ceci Ceramics opens up about what it means to be in flow with creativity. 

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Meet the Maker - Erica & Stephen Glaze

Honey Cane was founded by Erica Glaze, pursuing a dream to start a business of her own. She had a passion for body scrubs — ones that were created to support the body’s need for nourishment — and translated that into a product when surprised by the opportunity to have a booth at a holiday market.

Learn more about Honey Cane's story.

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Meet the Maker - Marissa

When we were thinking of makers for March's theme of resilience, Marissa of M&A Naturals had to  share her journey. She has seen so much transition, meeting growth and turbulence at every turn; her products help tell her story.