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Stay Golden Herbal Milk Powder
Stay Golden Herbal Milk Powder

Stay Golden Herbal Milk Powder

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Spreading the herbal word through tasteful experiences, made in Phoenix, AZ.

Nourish the body, mind, and soul with this time tested golden milk tonic. A unique blend of 8 herbs and spices work together to enhance digestion and normalize sleep patterns, reduce stress-response and inflammation, and increase mental clarity.* Stay golden my friends.

Calming, warming, bitter, sweet

How to use it
Add 1 tsp (or more if desired) to a cup of warm water or milk. This blend has a touch of sweet to it, but to sweeten further use honey or date sugar. Whisk or blend up and enjoy. This blend can be used whenever, wherever.

All Organic: Turmeric root, ginger root, ashwagandha root, cinnamon bark, gotu kola, cardamom seeds, black pepper, stevia leaf 

*Caffeine free