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Revitalizing Creosote Face Toner
Revitalizing Creosote Face Toner

Revitalizing Creosote Face Toner

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Organic, herbal beauty products made in Tucson, AZ for the Sonoran desert dweller.

This is the perfect face toner for any and all skin types.

With the powerful healing properties of creosote, a natural moisturizer and acne fighter this all-natural desert rain scented face toner is your new secret weapon. Witch Hazel is added to help minimize pores, fine lines and maintain oil. Rose Petal is added to help fight off free radicals and reduce overall redness. Aloe Vera helps heal your skin from damage from the sun and citric acid is used in treating several skin issues like mild acne, pigmentation, clogged pores, sun damage, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Wild-crafted and made with love.



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