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Mindful Ease Stress Relief Tea
Mindful Ease Stress Relief Tea

Mindful Ease Stress Relief Tea

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Healing herbalists mixing up magic right here in Phoenix, AZ.

This all-organic herbal tea is mixed to relieve stress and anxiety.


Skullcap: A powerhouse herb to battle anxiety and insomnia

Motherwort: An aid for hormone imbalance and high blood pressure related to stress and anxiety. 

Oatstraw: An herb that supports brain health and reduces overall anxiety.

Chamomile: An infamous flower used for ultimate relaxation. This promotes better sleep, a boosted immune system, and healthier skin. A win all around. 

California Poppy: Commonly used to treat depression and stress. This flower is also great for insomnia, aches and pains, and overall relaxation.

Raspberry Leaf: An overall soothing herb for both your inside and outside. Aids in digestion, reproductive health, antioxidant boosts and is high in vitamins that leads to a better nights sleep.