H2E Aromatherapy

H2E Goddess Collection Body Lotion


All-natural body products crafted to open and heal our bodies energy centers, handbrewed in Phoenix, AZ by H2E. 

*An in-shop bestseller*

Energize the feminine spirit with vegan-friendly Goddess Collection body lotion, which is paraben free and carefully crafted to restore skin tissue and promote all-around healthier skin.


safflower oil, shea butter, Vitamins A,C and E, wildcrafted buckthorn berry extract to restore skin tissue, aloe leaf extract, chamomile flower extract to sooth and heal dry skin, marigold extract to promote anti peptic and antifungal activity and comfrey extract which contains a powerful soothing agent that promotes growth of new skin cells.

And an added blend of Yuzu, Mandarin, Rose De Mai, Vetiver and Frankincense oils.

Body lotions are highly moisturizing and absorb quickly to give that dry skin everything it needs to feel soft and supple again -- while the goddess aromatherapy blends energizes and empowers the soul. 



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