Morning Mist Soap Co.

Aurelia's Serum


A makeup remover infused with nutrient rich organic oils to help strengthen, repair, and nourish brittle, sparse eyelashes due to damage caused by everyday makeup or false lash application.


Organic Jojoba Oil - moisturizes hair, preventing hair loss, reduces inflammation, prevents acne, soothes skin exposed to the sun, rejuvenates the skin, eliminates dandruff, fights free radical damage.

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil - May thicken hair, Nourishes hair follicles, containing omega-3s, essential fatty acids, zinc, vitamin E, and Vitamin K - increasing collagen production.

Organic Rosehip oil - Helps soothe irritation, soothes rosacea, treats wrinkles and dark spots, fades fine lines, absorbs quickly reducing oily skin while keeping skin plump and hydrated.

Organic Avocado Oil - Contains vitamin D which aids in hair growth, oleic acid reducing inflammation when absorbed onto your skin and absorbed, vitamin A and E which, combined with vitamin C and K, have been known to help reduce dark circles and under-eye wrinkles.

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