(A Creative Opportunity Rooted in Nonconformity)

Some of the toughest problems we face as a humanity require creative solutions from those closest to the issues.  

We're awarding $500 to a local creative who is addressing injustices within their community through creative expression.

Creativity is subjective. It's an expression of love and, we learn from bell hooks, love is a verb. It offers forward movement, and is a catalyst for change. When we put love into a vision, we allow a transformative birth of a dream to unfold. Share your radical act of love and creative expression.

Applications open February 14.

Nominate a brand you believe is creating for change in our community.

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Creativity can come from anywhere. At least that's what we believe. And we know creative solutions are one of the most powerful ways to solve challenges within our own community and address social inequalities and injustices. Gather PHX was founded as part of a search for unconventional business practices rooted in the community.  Like an acorn is a single seed that can erupt an entire forest of mighty oaks, so can a single creative idea spark a wildfire of change .

We’re in the business of planting seeds. 

Over the course of a year, we have built a platform featuring and promoting blossoming artists and makers from around Arizona to locals and tourists alike. All with the express intent to pay forward some of our social and financial capital to more creatives with more ideas that disrupt conventional thinking and practices. Now more than ever, our creative community needs fuel.

If you don't think you're a creative -- you haven't found your medium yet.

Artists. Artisans. Chefs. Authors. Poets. Designers. Creative Entrepreneurs. Gardeners. All creatives welcome to apply. Special priority given to creatives addressing restorative justice within their community.



explore your creative vision in a 180 square foot reclaimed shipping container.

Gather is a small retail shop operating out of a 180 square foot reclaimed shipping container located inside The Churchill in Downtown Phoenix. 

As we round the corner of our third year in business, we are reimagining how to use this space for its greatest impact, including the conception of an incubation program for local creatives to explore operating a small business within the comfort of an established framework.

Business Incubation Periods

May - July

August - October

We believe the future of retail is flexible and collaborative. Gather offers a semi-permanent space to explore your business plan, and the opportunity to work with brand strategists and other small business owners to create a case study for your business to expand into a wider opportunity within the local downtown area.  We will publish the case study at the end of the incubation program to help create awareness and education for future small businesses.

Interested in applying to takeover Gather and explore your brand in a physical location?

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