Wayward Naturals, LLC

Wayward Naturals - 500 mg Tinctures


MCT Oil Tinctures infused with 500mg of full-spectrum hemp oil and all-natural flavors -- made in Phoenix, AZ.

An herbal remedy that promotes relaxation, attenuates biological response to stress and anxiety, supports body and brain function. Has also been proven to work with your bodies pain receptors to decrease pain levels. 

Supply: 1.5 Months

Strength: 500mg, about 15mg per dropper

Why should I try it?

Anti - Anxiety Properties: In terms of reducing chronic stress and anxiety, these tinctures provide hormone balance, adrenal support and can regulate your blood pressure which is all essential to maintaining an overall calmness throughout everyday life.

Anti - Inflammatory Response: Take this tincture regularly to reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body. You can even see results when it comes to a quicker muscle recovery through increased circulation and cell function. 

Overall health and rejuvenation: Supports essential body systems that regulate and control your body’s response to stressful inputs. Commit to reducing cortisol, and other hormones that create stress, anxiety and poor health. 

Enhanced Your Cognition: Let this powerful supplement help you think more clear. Stress has a direct response on our cognitive function and ability to use our brains to their fullest extent -- this calming supplement can help manage that.

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