Simple Jane

Simple Jane - Relaxation Kits


Hemp-infused goods for the simple gal handmade in Phoenix, AZ by Simple Jane. 

These Simple Spa Experience Wellness Kits were designed to give a little relief where and when you need it most. Use the Himalayan Salt Stone as a massage tool to apply your favorite oil into the affected area and enjoy fast + easy relief even after the hardest of days. 

Did you know? 

Our Hemp receptors are found beneath the surface of our skin and need to be nourished to keep the body in balance.


Kits Include:

- Himalayan Salt Stone

- Simple Jane “On The Mend” 15mg Topical Hemp Oil for tired muscles and minds

- Simple Jane “On The Mend” 25mg Topical Hemp Salve for tired muscles and minds


How to use On The Mend:

Keep in your purse or at your desk for easy access daily relief wherever you are

Rub on to shoulders after carrying heavy bags

Massage onto tired feet after long days of exploring

Apply to back of your neck or shoulders to release stress and tension

Apply to chest prior to exercise before you hit the hotel gym or hike that waterfall for better oxygen uptake



Fractionated coconut oil

15mg hemp oil

proprietary blend of therapeutic- grade lavender, vetiver, peppermint and spearmint essential oils.

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