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Flow-Er Herbal Tea
Flow-Er Herbal Tea

Flow-Er Herbal Tea

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Healing herbalists mixing up magic right here in Phoenix, AZ.

This all-organic herbal tea is mixed to manage hormone imbalance and overall reproductive wellness.


Chaste Tree Berry: commonly used to treat symptoms of PMS, cycle-related pain and symptoms of menopause.

Lemon Balm: powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties 

Gotu Kola: a powerhouse herb for improving memory and brain function as well as enhancing circulation, and relieving stress and anxiety.

Nettle: A very popular herb that tones and nourishes the uterus while providing antioxidant-rich nutrients and destressing the body.

Dandelion Root: Giving you an immune system boost and helping to regulate estrogen levels, this little yellow flower has got a lot to give.

Motherwort: A truly sacred plant for the reproductive system. This herb can help regulate your menstrual cycle, tone your uterus and promote healing.

Raspberry Leaf: One of the best herbs for reproductive health and function. Clearing toxins from your system and strengthening your uterus while regulating your cycle and can even be linked to shorter and less overall bleeding.


*please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding