Hannah Alley

Everywhere, and in my heart


PREORDER Everywhere, and in my heart by Hannah Alley. 

Hannah's launching a second edition of her first children's book, Everywhere and in my heart, a celebration of life, death, and everything in between. This poetry workbook tells a story of infinite love from the perspective of a young child and can be used as a tool for parents and children to intentionally connect with their grief in reverence for the rhythm of nature. It's a story that invites us to step outside and inside ourselves + honor nature as the bridge to deep healing + transformation.

Preorder is open until Jan 1. All preorders will receive a signed copy of her book + hand-foraged creosote bundle to honor the land which helped birth this work of art.

5% of all book proceeds will be donated to a local creative wanting to birth their passion into existence.

special note from the author: In the order note on the checkout page, please provide your name + email address so I can send you a personalized thank you once your copy ships.

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