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Honey Cane was founded by Erica Glaze, pursuing a dream to start a business of her own. She had a passion for body scrubs — ones that were created to support the body’s need for nourishment — and translated that into a product when surprised by the opportunity to have a booth at a holiday market. She went from no supplies, no brand name, no formula to product in the hands of customers in less than two weeks. This was 2018 and now Honey Cane is a crowd-favorite on the shelves of Gather. Erica who has a full-time job in birthwork along with her husband and business partner, as a full-time dentist, sat down with us to share a bit about what inspires Honey Cane. 

What are three words that describe your brand?

Sweet, fun, nourishing 

Where are you drawing inspiration or influence from right now?

Honestly, it’s people still going after their goals and dreams. Those who are trying to be present for their customers. I’m inspired by the creativity of local businesses and how they’ve been able to shift to meet the needs of local customers, transforming their business to make it something people love. 

Who do you aspire to collaborate with? 

Young black and brown girls to help inspire. Providing entrepreneurs support to go after their dreams. It’s just how we can give back. 

What’s one surprising thing you’ve learned being in business? 

I assumed that since I own another business I knew how to do this. But there’s been so much more to learn, connecting with customers, branding, striving to bring value. How do I create human connection beyond the sale? 

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

“Do it scared.” Even if all the pieces aren’t there, if there is an opportunity here to take advantage of, do it scared. The first step is the hardest, but do it even when you don’t have everything together. 

What has changed for your business over the last year?

It’s just how far we’ve come. The growth has been surprising. I didn’t have a vision beyond that one market. There’s so much more you can do. If you start with a small dream and take the small steps you’ll look back and be in a totally different place. For example, I always thought it would be amazing to be inside Gather. I realized that all it took was a conversation.

What are your business vales? 

I always say we’re centering in humanity. We want everyone to feel welcome, valued and that their voice is valued. We listen to all questions and feedback, any issue with any order very seriously; we want them to tell us. 


You can shop Honey Cane at Gather. Connect with them on IG @itshoneycane!

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